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Mile 22

The Hideaway Co-Financed and Executive Produced the action thriller, Mile 22, along with STX Entertainment and Huayi Brothers Pictures. It was released in summer (August) 2018, with a Worldwide Box Office of $70 Million. It stars Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, and Iko Uwais. It was Directed by Peter Berg (Lone Survivor).

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An Army medic with PTSD, becomes addicted to opioids and starts robbing An elite American intelligence officer attempts to exfiltrate a police officer who holds compromising information. They will be hunted down by an army of assassins throughout the 22 miles separating them from the plane which will allow them to leave the country.banks to pay for the addiction.



Lea Carpenter, Graham Roland


Peter Berg (Lone Survivor).


Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, and Iko Uwais

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